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Vee-Jay Records

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Vee-Jay Records
Single by Jimmy Reed, 1956
Parent companyConcord
Founded1953 (1953)
FounderVivian Carter, James C. Bracken
GenreJazz, blues, rock, R&B, disco
Country of originU.S.
LocationChicago, Illinois

Vee-Jay Records is an American record label founded in the 1950s, located in Chicago and specializing in blues, jazz, rhythm and blues and rock and roll.

The label was founded in Gary, Indiana, in 1953 by Vivian Carter and James C. Bracken, a husband-and-wife team who used their initials for the label's name.[1] Vivian's brother, Calvin Carter, was the label's A&R man. Ewart Abner, formerly of Chance Records, joined the label in 1955, first as manager, then as vice president, and ultimately as president.[2] One of the earliest African American-owned record companies,[3] Vee-Jay quickly became a major R&B label, with the first song recorded, the Spaniels' "Baby It's You," making it to the top ten on the national R&B charts.[2]

Notable artists


Major acts on the label in the 1950s included blues singers Jimmy Reed, Memphis Slim, and John Lee Hooker, and rhythm and blues vocal groups the Spaniels, the Dells, and the El Dorados. The 1960s saw the label become a major soul label with Jerry Butler, Gene Chandler, Dee Clark, and Betty Everett having hit singles on both the pop and R&B charts. Vee-Jay was also the first label to nationally issue a record by the Pips (through a master purchase from the tiny HunTom label of Atlanta), who became Gladys Knight and the Pips in 1962 when they moved to Fury Records.

Vee-Jay had significant success with pop/rock and roll acts, such as the Four Seasons (their first non-black act) and the Beatles. Vee-Jay acquired the rights to some of the early recordings by the Beatles through a licensing deal with EMI, as the American affiliate Capitol Records was initially uninterested in the group.[3][2] The main attraction at the time, however, was another EMI performer, Frank Ifield. Calvin Carter later said, "There was a number one record over in England at the time—It was 'I Remember You' by Frank Ifield. We took the record, and as a throw in, they had a group and asked us if we would take them, too. The group turned out to be the Beatles and we got a five-year contract on the Beatles as a pickup on the Frank Ifield contract."[4]

In the mid-1960s, Vee-Jay signed the former successful child singer Jimmy Boyd, known for the hit "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"; Boyd was then twenty-five years old. The company ventured into folk music with Hoyt Axton and New Wine Singers, and also picked up Little Richard who re-recorded his Specialty hits and recorded (1965) "I Don't Know What You've Got (But It's Got Me)", an R&B success, with Don Covay, Bernard Purdie, Ronny Miller, Billy Preston, and Jimi Hendrix (before Hendrix became successful on his own).

Vee-Jay's jazz line accounted for a small portion of the company's releases, but recorded such artists as Eddie Harris, Wynton Kelly, Lee Morgan, and Wayne Shorter.[5] The A&R for the label's jazz releases was Sid McCoy.[6] The company also had a major gospel line, recording such acts as the Staple Singers, The Famous Boyer Brothers, the Argo Singers, Swan Silvertones, the Caravans, Dorothy Love Coates and the Gospel Harmonettes, and Maceo Woods.[5] Vee-Jay even released comedy on LP, with records by Dick Gregory, and Them Poems, Mason Williams' early nightclub act, recorded with a studio audience in 1964.

Early history


Calvin Carter set up Vee-Jay's first rehearsal space in a garage at 47th Street and King Drive in Chicago in 1953, then discovered and signed Jimmy Reed. Carter also established a regular studio use arrangement with Universal Recording Corporation, one of the largest independent recording studios in the U.S.[7]



Vee-Jay's biggest successes occurred from 1962 to 1964, with the ascendancy of the Four Seasons and the distribution of early Beatles material ("From Me to You" b/w "Thank You Girl," "Please Please Me" b/w "From Me to You," and "Do You Want to Know a Secret" b/w "Thank You Girl" via Vee-Jay;[1] and "Love Me Do" b/w "P.S. I Love You" and "Twist and Shout" b/w "There's a Place" via its subsidiary Tollie Records), because EMI's autonomous United States company Capitol initially refused to release Beatles records.[8][9][10][11][2] Vee-Jay's releases were at first unsuccessful, but quickly became huge hits once the British Invasion took off in early 1964, selling 2.6 million Beatles singles in a single month. Cash flow problems, reportedly caused by Ewart Abner's tapping the company treasury to cover personal gambling debts, led to the company's active demise; Vee-Jay had been forced to temporarily cease operations in the second half of 1963, leading to royalty disputes with the Four Seasons and EMI. The Four Seasons then left Vee-Jay for Philips Records, and EMI's Capitol Records picked up the U.S. rights for both the Beatles and Frank Ifield.[2]

Other Vee-Jay subsidiary labels included Interphon (which yielded the Top 5 hit "Have I the Right?" by another British group, the Honeycombs), and Oldies 45 for reissues along with Tollie and Abner Records, which was an early subsidiary label formed in 1958. Vee-Jay also did distribution for Champion Records (notable for producing the original version of Tainted Love[12]) as well as Rick Hall's Fame Records and, for a time, the Memphis label Goldwax Records and Johnny Vincent's Ace Records.

Vee-Jay moved back to Chicago in 1965 after a year in Los Angeles. Liens were placed on Vee-Jay assets still in Los Angeles after legal action by Pye Records due to non-payment of royalties.[13]

As Vee-Jay International


Vee-Jay Records filed for bankruptcy in August 1966.[14] The assets were subsequently purchased by label executives Betty Chiappetta and Randy Wood (not the Dot Records founder), who changed its name to Vee-Jay International. From 1967 to 1972, Vee-Jay was limited to selling some of the inventory on hand when the company went under, and leasing or licensing the Vee Jay masters to Buddah Records, who came out with "The First Generation" series, and Springboard International, who issued dozens of albums featuring Vee Jay material on their subsidiary label, Upfront. In the 1970s, Vee Jay International itself re-released a number of titles on LPs and 8-track tapes.

In 1978, Vee Jay issued a Silver Anniversary catalog to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the label.[15]



The label was revived under new management in 1982 as a dance and R&B label, but closed down in 1986.

In the mid-late 1980s, a one-hour independent documentary film titled “Cradle of Rock and Roll" aired on PBS soon after its completion. It covered the history of Vee-Jay and Chess Records in Chicago, which helped to begin a revival of some interest in Vee-Jay's history and catalog. In 1986 Motown licensed 26 of Vee Jay's soul, blues and R&B hits for a CD compilation, "Hits from the Legendary Vee Jay Records."

In 1993, the Vee Jay Limited Partnership released a 3-CD boxed set, "The Vee Jay Story (Celebrating 40 Years of Classic Hits)," again drawn from the label's R&B, soul, and blues catalog. The package includes a red-vinyl facsimile 45 of the Spaniels' "Goodnite Sweetheart Goodnite."

Under the management of Michele Tayler, the company was reactivated in 1998 as The Vee-Jay Limited Partnership. Its main office is located in Redding, Connecticut.

Collectables Records has been remastering and reissuing Vee-Jay albums on audio CD since 2000. A compilation which contains a Best of Vee-Jay box set as well as individual "Best of the Vee-Jay Years" CDs is released by Shout! Factory.[16]

In July 2014 its catalogue was acquired by Concord Music Group.[17] The sale was facilitated by Minneapolis film producer, Scott McLain.[18]

The Vee-Jay Records story is featured on the documentary series Profiles of African-American Success.



Abner Records was a subsidiary of Vee-Jay Records. It was originally named Falcon Records, but the name was changed in 1958 since there already existed a Falcon Records.[19] The label was named after Ewart Abner who was general manager at Vee-Jay, 1955–1961. Falcon Records Scotland (2011–present) is a sub-label of Jilted Generation Inc. Falcon Records launched October 2011 in partnership with "Music Media Management" owned by Diania Elliott Tomlin Perkins & Eric Bryce, "In Hoodz We Trust (IHWT)" owned by Jay Supa & "Make Noise Fife" owned by Alex Herbert. Exodus Records was also a subsidiary of Vee-Jay, focusing largely on gospel music releases (such as early Billy Preston recordings) as well as being the label for some reissues of blues and jazz records.



Vee-Jay LP/SR-1000 Main Series


The Vee-Jay LP/SR 1000 Series of 12 inch LPs were released between 1958 and 1963 with a catalog prefix of LP for mono releases and SR for stereo.[20]

Catalog No. Album Artist Details
LP-1001 Crazy Little Mama The El Dorados with the Magnificents Compilation of singles featuring one track by The Magnificents
LP-1002 Goodnite, Its Time to Go The Spaniels
LP-1003/SR-1003 We Bring You Love Sarah McLawler and Richard Otto The first stereo record issued by Vee-Jay
LP-1004 I'm Jimmy Reed Jimmy Reed
LP-1005/SR-1005 The Swingin'est Bennie Green and Gene Ammons also released as Juggin' Around
LP-1006/SR-1006 We Bring You Swing Sarah McLawler and Richard Otto
LP-1007 I'm John Lee Hooker John Lee Hooker
LP-1008 Rockin' with Reed Jimmy Reed
LP-1009 Gene Allison Gene Allison
LP-1010 Oh, What a Nite The Dells
LP-1011 Wade Flemons Wade Flemons
LP-1012 Memphis Slim at the Gate of Horn Memphis Slim
LP-1013/SR-1013 Walter Perkins' MJT + III Walter Perkins and the MJT + 3
LP-1014/SR-1014 Go Paul Chambers
LP-1015/SR-1015 Bill Henderson Sings Bill Henderson
LP-1016/SR-1016 Kelly Great Wynton Kelly
LP-1019 You're Lookin' Good Dee Clark
LP-1020 The Blues Various Artists
LP-1021 Teen Delights Various Artists
LP-1022 Found Love Jimmy Reed
LP-1023 Travelin' John Lee Hooker
LP-1024 The Spaniels The Spaniels
LP-1025 Jimmy Reed ...Now Appearing Jimmy Reed
LP-1026/SR-1026 Dee Clark Dee Clark Reissue of Abner LP-2000
LP-1027 Jerry Butler, Esquire Jerry Butler Reissue of Abner LP-2001
LP-1028/SR-1028 How About That Dee Clark Reissue of Abner LP-2002
LP-1029 He Will Break Your Heart Jerry Butler
LP-1030/SR-1030 At the Break of Day Richard Otto and Sarah McLawler
LP-1031/SR-1031 Bill Henderson Bill Henderson
LP-1032 Stepin Fetchit in Person Stepin Fetchit
LP-1033/SR-1033 The Folk Lore of John Lee Hooker John Lee Hooker
LP-1034 Love Me Jerry Butler Reissue of LP-1027
2LP-1035/2SR-1035 Jimmy Reed at Carnegie Hall Jimmy Reed This is a 2LP studio album containing one disc of new material and a second disc "best of" compilation of singles
LP-1036 Teen Delights Volume 2 Various Artists
LP-1037/SR-1037 Hold on... It's Dee Clark Dee Clark
LP-1038/SR-1038 Aware of Love Jerry Butler
LP-1039/SR-1039 The Best of Jimmy Reed Jimmy Reed Reissue of second disc of Jimmy Reed at Carnegie Hall
LP-1040/SR-1040 Duke of Earl Gene Chandler
LP-1041/SR-1041 Twist Along with Cal Carter Calvin Carter
LP-1042 Tomorrow's Hits Various Artists
LP-1043/SR-1043 Burnin' John Lee Hooker
LP-1044/SR-1044 Lightnin' Strikes Lightnin' Hopkins
LP-1046/SR-1046 Moon River Jerry Butler
LP-1047/SR-1047 The Best of Dee Clark Dee Clark
LP-1048/SR-1048 The Best of Jerry Butler Jerry Butler
LP-1049/SR-1049 The Best of John Lee Hooker John Lee Hooker
LP-1050/SR-1050 Just Jimmy Reed Jimmy Reed
LP-1051 The Unavailable 16 Hits of Yesteryear Various Artists
LP-1052 The Moonglows Meet the Flamingos on the Dusty Road of Hits The Moonglows and The Flamingos
LP-1053/SR-1053 Sherry & 11 Others The Four Seasons
LP-1054/SR-1054 I Remember You Frank Ifield
LP-1055/SR-1055 The 4 Seasons Greetings The Four Seasons
LP-1056/SR-1056 Big Girls Don't Cry and 12 Others The Four Seasons
LP-1057/SR-1057 Folk Songs Jerry Butler
LP-1058/SR-1058 The Big Soul of John Lee Hooker John Lee Hooker
LP-1059/SR-1059 Ain't That a Shame The Four Seasons
LP-1060/SR-1060 Come Surf with Me Aki Aleong and the Nobles
LP-1061 Africa Calling The Dungills
LP-1062/SR-1062 Introducing... The Beatles The Beatles Two versions of this album were released containing slightly different tracks
LP-1065/SR-1065 Golden Hits of the Four Seasons The Four Seasons
LP-1066/SR-1066 John Lee Hooker on Campus John Lee Hooker
LP-1067/SR-1067 T'ain't No Big Thing... But He Is Jimmy Reed
LP-1069/SR-1069 Pop Gospel Live from London Alex Bradford and Chris Barber
LP-1070/SR-1070 Live.. At the Losers Ann Richards with the Bill Marx Trio

Vee-Jay LP/SR-3000 Jazz Series


In 1960 Vee-Jay began issuing jazz records with separate catalog numbers as the LP/SR 3000 Series of 12 inch LPs with a catalog prefix of LP for mono releases and SR for stereo.[21]

Catalog No. Album Artist Details
LP/SR-3004 Kelly Great Wynton Kelly Reissue of Vee-Jay LP-1016
LP/SR-3005 Fantastic Frank Strozier Frank Strozier
LP/SR-3006 Introducing Wayne Shorter Wayne Shorter
LP/SR-3007 Here's Lee Morgan Lee Morgan
LP/SR-3008 Make Everybody Happy MJT + 3
LP/SR-3009 Dixie on the Rocks Dave Remington and the Dixie 6
LP/SR-3010 Louis Hayes Louis Hayes
LP/SR-3011 Kelly at Midnight Wynton Kelly
LP/SR-3012 1st Bassman Paul Chambers
LP/SR-3013 The Young Lions The Young Lions Featuring Lee Morgan, Frank Strozier, Wayne Shorter, Bobby Timmons, Bob Cranshaw, and Louis Hayes / Albert Heath
LP/SR-3014 MJT + 3 MJT + 3
LP/SR-3015 Expoobident Lee Morgan
LP/SR-3016 Exodus to Jazz Eddie Harris
LP/SR-3017 Eddie Higgins Eddie Higgins
LP/SR-3018 Here's Harold Harold Harris
LP/SR-3022 Wynton Kelly! Wynton Kelly
LP/SR-3024 Juggin' Around Gene Ammons with Bennie Green Reissue of Vee-Jay LP 1005
LP/SR-3025 Mighty Like a Rose Eddie Harris
LP/SR-3026 Summit Meeting Various Artists
LP/SR-3027 Jazz for "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Eddie Harris
LP/SR-3028 A Study in Jazz Eddie Harris
LP/SR-3029 Wayning Moments Wayne Shorter
LP/SR-3030 Dixie/Chicago Style Dave Remington
LP/SR-3031 Eddie Harris Goes to the Movies Eddie Harris
LP/SR-3032 Jazz Kaleidoscope Bill Marx and the Jazz Octet
LP/SR-3033 Bird Lives! Ira Sullivan and the Chicago Jazz Quintet
LP/SR-3034 Bossa Nova Eddie Harris
LP/SR-3035 My Son the Folk Swinger Bill Marx
LP/SR-3036 Harold Harris at the Playboy Club Harold Harris
LP/SR-3037 Half and Half Eddie Harris

Vee-Jay LP/SR-5000 Gospel Series


Between 1959 and 1965 the Vee-Jay LP/SR-5000 Gospel Series released seventy-eight 12 inch LPs.[22]

Catalog No. Album Artist Details
LP-5000 Uncloudy Day The Staple Singers
LP-5001 Amazing Grace Maceo Woods
LP-5002 The Harmonizing Four The Harmonizing Four
LP-5003 The Swan Silvertones Swan Silvertones
LP-5004 The Original Five Blind Boys Five Blind Boys of Mississippi
LP-5005 Highway QC's The Highway QC's
LP-5006 Singing in My Soul Swan Silvertones
LP-5007 Jesus Is Waiting The Highway QC's
LP-5008 Will the Circle Be Unbroken The Staple Singers
LP-5009 God Will Take Care of You The Harmonizing Four
LP-5010 The Lord Will Make a Way Maceo Woods
LP-5011 Wonderful Back Home Choir of the Greater Harvest Baptist Church
LP-5012 Near the Cross The Argo Singers
LP-5013 Saviour Pass Me Not Swan Silvertones
LP-5014 Swing Low The Staple Singers
LP-5016 Sunday Morning Various Artists
LP-5017 My Prayer The Patterson Singers
LP-5018 That's God Princess Stewart
LP-5019 The Best of the Staple Singers The Staple Singers Compilation
LP-5020 Oh Lord I Pray The Highway QC's
LP-5021 Precious Lord The Sally Martin Singers
LP/SR-5022 Black Nativity Original Cast Featuring Marion Williams and the Stars of Faith, Princess Stewart and Professor Alex Bradford and the Bradford Singers
LP-5023 One Step Alex Bradford
LP-5024 God and Me Marion Williams and The Stars of Faith
LP-5025 Golden Bells The Harmonizing Four
LP-5026 Seek Ye the Lord The Caravans
LP-5027 Glory Train The Watson Sisters
LP-5028 Message of Hope The Reverend Maceo Woods' Christian Tabernacle Ensemble
LP-5029 You'll Never Walk Alone The Original Blind Boys of Alabama
LP-5030 Swing Low Sweet Chariot The Staple Singers
LP-5031 Let the Words of My Mouth... Marion Williams and The Stars of Faith
LP-5032 The Lord's Prayer The Patterson Singers
LP-5033 As You Sow, So Shall You Reap Charles Taylor and The Taylor Singers
LP-5034 Blessed Assurance The Swan Silvertones
VJLP-5035 I'll Serve the Lord The Argo Singers
VJLP-5036 Reach the Heart Northeastern Michigan Church of God in Christ State Choir
VJLP-5037 Angel on Vacation Bradford Singers
VJLP-5038 The Soul of the Caravans The Caravans
VJLP-5039 Nearer My God to Thee The Harmonizing Four
VJLP-5040 All Men are Made By God The Highway QC's
VJLP-5041 God Is Here Sallie Martin Singers
VJLP-5042 Camp Meeting Gospel Harmonettes Specials
VJLP-5043 Greatest Gospel Songs of Our Times Various Artists
VJLP-5044 Let's Sing About Freedom Various Artists
VJLP-5045 A Treasury of Golden Christmas Songs Various Artists
VJLP/SR-5046 Songs of Faith The Patterson Singers
VJLP/SR-5047 Yes Jesus Loves Me The Thompson Community Singers
VJLP/SR-5048 True Convictions The Original Blind Boys of Alabama
VJLP/SR-5049 Altar Stairs of Song The Wooten Ensemble
VJLP/SR-5050 The Best of the Harmonizing Four The Harmonizing Four Compilation
VJLP/SR-5051 The Best of the Highway QC's The Highway QC's Compilation
VJLP/SR-5052 The Best of the Swan Silvertones Swan Silvertones Compilation
VJLP/SR-5053 Garden of Prayer Maceo Woods
VJLP/SR-5054 That Old Time Religion The Harmonizing Four
VJLP/SR-5055 Songs Our Mother Taught Us The Highway QC's
VJLP/SR-5056 The Soul of Alex Bradford Alex Bradford
VJLP/SR-5057 He'll Bless Your Soul The Richbourg Singers
VJLP/SR-5058 Walk Around Heaven All Day The Caravans
VJLP/SR-5059 Let's Go to Church Together The Swan Silvertones
VJLP-5060 The Soul of the Patterson Singers The Patterson Singers
VJLP-5061 Come Closer to God The Raymond Raspberry Singers / The Swan Silvertones / Reverend Maceo Wood Compilation
VJLP-5062 The Soul of Charles Taylor Charles Taylor Singers
VJLP-5063 The Soul of the Argo Singers The Argo Singers
VJLP-5064 The Soul of the Gospel Harmonettes Gospel Harmonettes
VJLP-5065 The Soul of the Thompson Community Singers The Thompson Community Singers
VJLP-5066 Wonderful Memories from the Family Prayer Book Various Artists
VJLP-5067 Sometimes I'm Happy, Sometimes I'm Sad: The Many Moods of Reverend Maceo Woods Rev. Maceo Woods
VJLP-5069 Spirituals That Will Live Forever! The Harmonizing Four
VJLP-5070 Let's Break Bread Together The Caravans
VJLP-5071 Sing from the Top of the Hill The Highway QC's
VJLP-5072 Can I Get a Witness The Blind Boys of Alabama
VJLP-5073 In Memoriam: Waiting at the River Archie Brownlee with the Original Five Blind Boys Reissue of VJLP-5004
VJLP-5074 The Heart of Gospel Helen Robinson Youth Choir
VJLP-5075 My Movin' Soul James Lowe
VJLP-5076 Religion with Rhythm The Lunenberg Travellers
VJLP-5077 The Caravans in Concert The Caravans
VJLP-5078 Singing Is Our Life The Harmonizing Four
VJLP-5083 Hymns Speak from the Organ William Everett Preston

Vee-Jay VJLP/VJS-1000 Main Series


From 1963 the Vee-Jay 1000 Series of 12 inch LPs were released with a catalog prefix of VJLP for mono releases and VJS for stereo.[23]

Catalog No. Album Artist Details
VJLP/VJS-1071 The New Wine Singers at the Chicago Opera House The New Wine Singers
VJLP/VJS-1072 Jimmy Reed Sings the Best of the Blues Jimmy Reed
VJLP/VJS-1073 Jimmy Reed Plays 12 String Guitar Blues Jimmy Reed
VJLP/VJS-1074 Soul Meeting Saturday Night Hootennanny Style Various Artists
VJLP/VJS-1075 For Your Precious Love The Impressions with Jerry Butler
VJLP/VJS-1076 Need to Belong and Other Great Performances Jerry Butler Also released as Giving Up on Love and Other Great Performances
VJLP/VJS-1077 You're No Good Betty Everett Also released as It's in His Kiss (Shoop Shoop)
VJLP/VJS-1078 Concert at Newport John Lee Hooker
VJLP/VJS-1079 12 String Guitar-Nanny Bradley Wayne
VJLP/VJS-1080 The Boss Man of the Blues with More of the Best Jimmy Reed
VJLP/VJS-1081 The Theme from Exodus and Other Film Spectaculars Eddie Harris Compilation of tracks from VJLP 3016, VJLP 3025, VJLP 3027 and VJLP 3031
VJLP/VJS-1082 Folk-Nanny The Four Seasons Also released as Stay & Other Great Hits
VJLP-1084 The Original Nitty Gritty Various Artists
VJLP/VJS-1085 Jolly What! The Beatles and Frank Ifield Also released as The Beatles and Frank Ifield on Stage
VJLP/VJS-1086 The Best of Wynton Kelly Wynton Kelly Tracks from VJLP-1016, VJLP 3011 and, VJLP 3022 with string section directed by Bill Marx overdubbed
VJLP/VJS-1087 Hello Trouble Orville Couch
VJLP/VJS-1088 More Golden Hits by the Four Seasons The Four Seasons
VJLP/VJS-1089 The Great Movie Themes of the 30's, 40's and 50's Gordon Jenkins
VJLP/VJS-1090 It's Monster Surfing Time The Deadly Ones
VJLP/VJS-1091 The Ska Mango Jones and His Orchestra with The Harry Ballu Singers
VJLP-1092 Songs, Pictures and Stories of the Fabulous Beatles The Beatles reissue of the second version of Vee Jay LP-1062
VJLP/VJS-1093 Running For President Dick Gregory
VJLP/VJS-1094 Sam Fletcher Sings I Believe in You Sam Fletcher
VJLP/VJS-1095 Jimmy Reed at Soul City Jimmy Reed
VJLP/VJS-1096 Love Me with All Your Heart Victor Feldman
VJLP/VJS-1097 Great Mariachi Favorites Victorio Valdez, His Orchestra and Chorus
VJLP/VJS-1098 Hoyt Axton Explodes! Hoyt Axton
VJLP/VJS-1099 Delicious Together Betty Everett and Jerry Butler
VJ-1100 Live at the Whiskey-a-Go-Go Various Artists
VJ-1101 The 15 Greatest Songs of the Beatles The Merseyboys
VJLP/VJS-1102 Steal Away Jimmy Hughes
VJLP/VJS-1103 Them Poems and Things Mason Williams
VJLP/VJS-1104 Sweets for the Sweet Taste of Love Harry "Sweets" Edison, His Trumpet and Orchestra
VJLP/VJS-1105 Rocks in My Bed Georgia Carr
VJLP/VJLPS-1106 Most Requested Dances at Your Home Tonight Mango Jones and His Internationally Famed Orchestra
VJLP/VJS-1107 Little Richard Is Back (And There's a Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On!) Little Richard
VJLP/VJS-1108 Night Time Is the Right Time Bill Marx
VJLP/VJS-1109 Bubbles, John W. That Is John W. Bubbles
VJLP/VJS-1110 My Favorite Songs from Mary Poppins Ray Walston
VJLP-1112 The Great Hits of 1964 and Some Golden Oldies! Various Artists
VJLP/VJS-1113 The Castaway Strings Play the Elvis Presley Song Book The Castaway Strings
VJLP/VJS-1114 The Castaway Strings Play the Andy Williams Song Book The Castaway Strings
VJLP/VJS-1115 The Castaway Strings Play the Peter, Paul & Mary Song Book The Castaway Strings
VJLP/VJS-1116 The Castaway Strings Play the Bobby Vinton Song Book The Castaway Strings
VJLP/VJS-1118 The Best of Hoyt Axton Hoyt Axton Compilation from his Horizon material
VJLP/VJS-1119 More of the Best of Jerry Butler Jerry Butler
VJLP/VJS-1121 Girls Girls Girls - We Love Girls The Four Seasons
VJLP/VJS-1122 The Very Best of Betty Everett Betty Everett
VJLP/VJS-1123 The Most Exciting Organ Ever Billy Preston
VJLP/VJS-1124 Little Richard's Greatest Hits Little Richard Re-recordings of his hits for Specialty - AKA His Greatest Hits
VJLP/VJS-1125 His Greatest Hits Russ Morgan
VJLP/VJS-1126 Greenback Dollar Hoyt Axton Reissue of Horizon WP-1601
VJLP/VJS-1127 Saturday's Child Hoyt Axton Reissue of Horizon SWP-1621
VJLP/VJS-1128 Thunder 'n' Lightnin' Hoyt Axton Reissue of Horizon SWP-1613
VJLP/VJS-1129 The Gary LeMel Album Gary LeMel
VJLP-1130 The Legend, The Man Winston Churchill Spoken word album with commentary by the Honorable James Roosevelt
VJLP/VJS-1131 36 Hours (Soundtrack) Dimitri Tiomkin
VJLP/VJS-1132 We Remember Mildred Bailey Mavis Rivers and Red Norvo
VJLP/VJS-1133 Here's Pete Barbutti! Pete Barbutti
VJLP/VJS-1134 I Wish You Love Jacques Foti with the Loe Leahy Orchestra
VJLP/VJS-1135 The Vi Velasco Album Vi Velasco
VJLP-1136 More Great Hits of 1964 and Other Golden Goodies Various Artists
VJLP/VJS-1137 Damita Jo Sings Damita Jo
VJLP/VJS-1138 Coffee House Blues Lightnin' Hopkins, Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry Reissue of Horizon 1617
VJLP/VJS-1139 Russ Morgan Plays and Sings Red Roses for a Blue Lady Russ Morgan
VJ-1140 Favorite Family Poems Louis Freeman
VJLP/VJS-1141 It's Not Unusual The Dells
VJLP/VJS-1142 Early Hits of 1965 Billy Preston
VJLP/VJS-1143 Command Performance Luis Varona
VJLP/VJS-1154 Recorded Live: On Stage with The Four Seasons The Four Seasons Studio recordings with overdubbed audience

Vee-Jay LP/SR-2500 Jazz Series


From 1964 to 1965 the Vee-Jay 2500 Series of 12 inch Jazz LPs were released with a catalog prefix of LP for mono releases and SR for stereo.[21]

Catalog No. Album Artist Details
VJLP/VJS-2501 Leonard Feather's Encyclopedia of Jazz: Jazz of the 60s Various Artists "Giants of the Saxophone" compilation
VJLP/VJS-2502 Jazz's Great "Walker" Leroy Vinnegar
VJLP/VJS-2503 The Eric Dolphy Memorial Album Eric Dolphy Reissue of FM release Conversations
VJLP-2504 Leningrad Jazz Festival Golstain-Nosov Quintet / Yusef Wainstain Orchestra Live LP recorded in Russia
VJ/VJS-2505 Toshiko Mariano and her Big Band Toshiko Mariano Live LP recorded in Tokyo featuring Paul Chambers, Jimmy Cobb, Sleepy Matsumoto and Shigeo Suzuki
VJLP/VJS-2506 Blues Bag Buddy DeFranco Surtitled Leonard Feather's Encyclopedia of Jazz: Jazz of the ‘60s Vol. 2
VJLP/VJS-2507 It's a Wonderful World Victor Feldman
VJLP/VJS-2508 The Lee Morgan Quintet Lee Morgan Compilation of tracks from LP 3007 and LP 3015
VJLP-2509 My Babe Bunky Green Recorded in 1960

Vee-Jay International World of Jazz VJS-3000 Jazz Series


Between 1974 and 1978 the Vee-Jay International World of Jazz 3000 Series released twenty-three 12 inch stereo LPs.[21] Many of these were previously unreleased sessions or live recordings, compilations of previously released material or re-releases of albums from other labels.

Catalog No. Album Artist Details
VJS-3038 Someday My Prince Will Come Wynton Kelly Recorded in 1959-61 - released 1977
VJS-3051 Organ Talk Reuben Wilson Reissue of 1970 Blue Note LP Blue Mode
VJS-3052 Contemplation Yusef Lateef Reissue of Vee-Jay SR-3010, Louis Hayes
VJLP-3053 And They Called It Jazz Claude Hopkins Compilation of 1935 transcription recordings
VJS-3054 I Got Rhythm Count Basie Live recording from France in 1968
VJS-3055 Please Send Me Someone to Love Bill Henderson
VJ-3056 In Concert...Carnegie Hall Dizzy Gillespie / Stan Getz / Charlie Parker Recorded at Duke Ellington's 25th Anniversary Concert in 1952
VJS-3057 Second Genesis Wayne Shorter Previously unreleased recordings from 1960
VJS-3058 For Bird and Bags Eddie Harris Reissue of album originally released on Exodus Records in 1966
VJS-3059 Big Band Blues Bobby Bryant Previously unreleased recordings from 1961
VJS-3060 Opus de Funk John Young Trio Previously unreleased recordings from 1957
VJS-3061 Love You Madly Duke Ellington Recorded at Duke Ellington's 25th Anniversary Concert in 1952
VJS-3062 Gettin' Together Mel Lewis and Friends Previously unreleased recordings from 1957
VJS-3063 Caution John Gross Quartet
VJS-3064 Jazz from San Francisco The Pat Britt Quintet Reissue of 1968 Crestview Records LP
VJS-3065 Home with Sweets Harry "Sweets" Edison Reissue of LPS-1104 Sweets for the Sweet Taste of Love
VJS-3066 Bag of Blues Art Blakey featuring Buddy DeFranco Reissue of VJS-2506
VJS-3067 Good for the Garden Kent Glenn
VJS-3068 Love Song Gary Bartz
VJS-3069 Lost and Found Putter Smith
VJS-3070 Jazzman Pat Britt
VJS-3071 Wynton Kelly in Concert Wynton Kelly Live recording from 1968
VJS-3072-2 Final Notes Wynton Kelly 2LP live recording from 1968

Vee-Jay International VJS-18000 Gospel Series


In 1975 Vee-Jay International VJS-18000 Gospel Series released eleven 12 inch LPs.[22]

Catalog No. Album Artist Details
VJS-18000 God Bless the Child Princess Stewart
VJS-18001 Gospel in My Soul The Harmonizing Four
VJS-18002 Seeking Salvation Maceo Woods
VJS-18003 Mighty God Voices of Jordan
VJS-18004 Come to the Savior The Triumphs
VJS-18005 Peace in the Valley Gospel Harmonettes
VJS-18006 I Woke Up This Morning The Patterson Singers
VJS-18007 Think of God The Harmonizing Four
VJS-18008 Pray for Me The Swan Silvertones
VJS-18009 Wade in the Water The Disciples
VJS-18010 Every Time I Feel the Spirit Pilgrim Travelers
VJS-18011 It's a Blessing The Cogics Reissue of material recorded in the 1960s featuring Andraé Crouch and keyboardist Billy Preston
VJS-18013 Gospel in My Soul Sam Cooke and The Soul Stirrers Reissue of material recorded in the 1950s - not all of tracks feature Sam Cooke
VJS-2-19000 Forty Gospel Greats Various Artists 2-LP compilation
VJS-2-19001 The Legendary Staple Singers The Staple Singers 2-LP compilation

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