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About Me[edit]

I am a fourteen year old student living in Calgary, AB.

My Political Views[edit]

I am a moderate conservative, anti-hippie, and a strong beleiver in people taking their own initiative to make their way in life. I am also a libertarian, and believe that the government have "No place in the bedrooms of our nation," (Pierre Trudeau). Nor do they have a place in our offices or shopping centers. I believe that if people want to succeed they have to build a support base for themselves, not have a pre-built government ladder to climb up at their leisure.

Why I Hate Hippies[edit]

First I'd like to say I have nothing against political protesters, just hippies. "Aren't they the same," you might say? No. Hippies wander barefoot in large groups chanting paranoid idioms, while political protesters do useful things, like protest effectively. While dirty hippies wave banners and block doorways, rainforests die. And no amount of free love or body odour will stop that. Silly clothes, bad hygiene, and a heart full of love wont solve the problems of the world. My message to all you hippies out there: You think that by not showering you'll save the ocean. You wont, you'll just smell.

My Economic System[edit]

In our society I believe conservative libertarianism is the best system, in a utopian society I believe that the system I pioneered, Social Collectivism would be more effective. Social Collectivism is a totalitarian socialist system. This does go against my general political viewpoint in many respects, but in a truly utopian society every man would be accounted for evenly, hence the Liberalism. But even in a utopia, a system would be required to implement the even distribution of basic needs, a central principle of Social Collectivism, therefore a totalitarian government would be required. Follow the link below to further investigate what Social Collectivism consists of.

Social Collectivism