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Broadway North Carolina Set (BNCS)


A club which, despite its name, is really based in Minot, North Dakota. Founded by a group of six friends: X Camposh, Kizig Sanders, Weird Talking Wasn't, Kamposhj Kidmitt, Y Yingster, and Mogen Zogen. the club was originally just a group of buddies that hung out in a trashy hut in the middle of a tree grove just west of the Humane Society in Minot. However, recently the club has taken a more productive role in society as a group of justice defenders. As depicted in the fictional movie Feetsinker Fun 3, they once saved the world from destruction at the hands of Jitogomre The Green, although the truth of the depicted battle being actual BNCS history is a debatable topic. They have many rival gangs including ND 506 CG, and 2Gang, however, the most dangerous and most prominent is North Gang led by Roeman Gizzie.

Lesser known club members: Wigabogay, and Adam Chilson