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List of British Rail departmental multiple unit classes

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The 900 series classes were reserved for multiple units in departmental stock, most of which were converted from old passenger units. In broad terms, Classes 930–935 were allocated to Southern Region multiple units (ex-200 and 400 series), 936 & 937 to other electrical multiple units (EMU) (ex-300 and 500 series) and 960 to other diesel multiple units (DMU) (ex-100 series). In recent years, this has been less rigidly adhered to.

Diesel multiple units[edit]

Class 960 RDB975010 BR Research Lab 19 Iris II at Southampton 1996

Gas turbine multiple unit[edit]

Electric multiple units[edit]

930016 rail cleaning unit: ex 4-EPB 5024 MBSOs at Eastleigh 1995

The original use for the Southern Region (SR) classes are included in brackets; these designations have been less rigidly applied in recent years.

  • Class 910 (Test units, ex-Class 488)
  • Class 920 (3PEP prototype unit)
  • Class 930 (SR Sandite and de-icing units)
  • Class 931 (SR route learning and stores units)
  • Class 932 (SR research and tractor units)
  • Class 933 (SR mobile instruction units)
  • Class 935 (4PEP research units)
  • Class 936 (Sandite units, ex-Classes 311 and 501)
  • Class 937 (Sandite units, ex-Classes 302 and 308)
  • Class 960 (Test units, ex-Classes 309 and 310)

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