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Eduard Heinrich von Flottwell

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Eduard Heinrich von Flottwell
Oberpräsident of the
Grand Duchy of Posen
In office
December 1830 – May 1841
Preceded byTheodor von Baumann
Antoni Radziwiłł
(as Duke-Governor)
Succeeded byAdolf Heinrich von Arnim-Boitzenburg
Oberpräsident of the
Province of Saxony
In office
May 1841 – 1844
Preceded byAnton of Stolberg-Wernigerode
Succeeded byWilhelm von Wedell [de]
Oberpräsident of the
Province of Westphalia
In office
1846 – July 1850
Preceded byJustus Wilhelm Eduard von Schaper [de]
Succeeded byFranz von Duesberg [de]
Oberpräsident of the
East Prussia
In office
Preceded byRudolf von Auerswald
Succeeded byFranz August Eichmann [de]
Oberpräsident of the
Province of Brandenburg
In office
Preceded byKlemens von Wolff-Metternich [de]
Succeeded byWerner von Selchow [de]
Personal details
Born(1786-07-23)23 July 1786
Insterburg, East Prussia, Kingdom of Prussia
Died28 May 1865(1865-05-28) (aged 78)
Berlin, Kingdom of Prussia
ChildrenJulius Adalbert Flottwell

Eduard Heinrich Flottwell (23 July 1786 – 28 May 1865; after 1861 von Flottwell) was a Prussian Staatsminister. He served as Oberpräsident (governor) of the Grand Duchy of Posen (from 1830) and of the Saxony (from 1841), Westphalia (from 1846) and Brandenburg (from 1850) Provinces. He was also Prussian Minister of Finance (1844-1846) and Minister of Interior (1858-1859).

Early life[edit]

Flottwell was born in Insterburg in the Province of East Prussia (present-day Chernyakhovsk in Russian Kaliningrad Oblast), studied law at the University of Königsberg and entered the civil service at the Insterburg court in 1805.


From 1812 he was a member of the East Prussian Regierungspräsidium of Gumbinnen.[1] After the Napoleonic Wars he together with Oberpräsident Theodor von Schön re-organised the administration of the West Prussian province at Danzig. In 1825 he was appointed Regierungspräsident of Marienwerder.

When in 1830 the Polish November Uprising led by Michał Gedeon Radziwiłł broke out at Warsaw in Russian Congress Poland, his brother Antoni Radziwiłł was dismissed as Duke-Governor of the Prussian Grand Duchy of Posen by King Frederick William III and the sole rule passed to Flottwell as the new Oberpräsident. He was a strong supporter of Germanisation and standardised schooling policies, which by some was seen as directed against ethnic Polish Prussians in the region. In 1843 in "Anerkennung der Hilfe nach dem großen Hamburger Brand" (acknowledgment of the assistance after the great Hamburg fire), he was named an honorary citizen of Hamburg.[1]


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